Doll Hair RestorationRestoring Dolls Hair

Doll Hair Restoration

The need to restore

There are a number of reasons why people get involved in the process of restoring their doll’s hair. Some prefer bringing their old ones in better shape rather than buying new and expensive ones. While those who have perfected the skill themselves make profits by selling their ‘refined’ pieces online.

Know the hair

Before you carry out any sort of process, make sure to know and understand the type of hair your doll has. Identifying the hair is important because different hair types are dealt and repaired differently.
1. Synthetic: Synthetic hair contains fibers which are spun to give the appearance of human-like hair. This type is common among modern dolls and is attached in two ways either using a wig base or glued inside the doll’s head using the ‘rooting’ procedure.

2. Mohair: Mohair is extracted from angora goats and is known for durability, strength, luster and elasticity. The wig is created using mesh base which is then glued on the doll’s head. The structure, care and styling procedures of mohair are similar to that of human hair.

3. Human Hair: It seems surprising that real human hair is harvested for this purpose but in fact they are widely used. To know if your doll has human hair, pull a small piece from the head and stretch it. If it breaks then it is, if not then it online casino most likely to be synthetic.

4. Caracul: Caracul short and curly fur that takes it name from the sheep it is harvested from. It is commonly used for small baby and boy dolls.

5. Yarn: Yarn was used mostly on older dolls which were mass-produced. There are many textures available with varying quality.
How it’s done

The doll’s hair is restored either by replacing the wig or re-rooting the hair which is done if there are ‘bald patches’. Both processes involve steps which need to be carried out with care. Many people try these at home by learning the techniques online.
However if you are unsure that you can manage the process without damaging the doll then it is best to leave it to a professional. Thanks to the internet you can easily find ‘doll hospitals’ and ‘doll doctors’.

Be careful to work with someone who is experienced in this field and give preference to those who have worked on hair similar to your dolls’. In order to understand whether the price is worth the repair ask the specialist if there is any guarantee or if it influences the value of your doll.

Evaluate these factors to make a reasonable choice and make your doll beautiful again.